Michael Haddad has always seemed to us to be the Go-to man for the Rancho Park area. We would see him at his various open houses, and although we were not buyers as we had a house in the neighborhood, he was always very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. A real person, not a cardboard cutout with shiny car. “When it came time for us to sell our house, Michael was considered among several agents. Michael’s grasp of the need for quick, accurate ANSWERS, in sort, his sense of being of SERVICE, made him the obvious choice. Buying or selling a house can be a nerve-wracking experience, even if all parties wish it to go smoothly. Michael’s sense of service goes (and went) a long way to eliminate the confusion inherent in these transactions. How an agent behaves when things get sticky is where you really see who you are dealing with. “He knows the area, he knows the ropes, many agents respect him and are pleased to work with him, as we are. We like to consider him as a friend in our corner.